Su Casa Catholic Worker is a fully volunteer-led and -run effort. We have opportunities for live-in intentional community members, part-time volunteers, and plunge groups.  Explore our opportunities for giving and service below and consider becoming part of our community.

Tutors wanted for After School Program!

Su Casa is partnering with Chicago HOPES to provide a tutoring program for homeless kids at Su Casa and in our neighboring community.  We need volunteers who are willing to work at least one time a week. Program hours are 5:30 to 7 p.m. Monday thru Thursday. Tutors must be 18 or older, have a GED or high school diploma, go through a background check, and participate in a two hour training.
Please sign up at and let them know you will work at Su Casa!

Live-in Intentional Community Workers

Join Su Casa’s Live-In Community!

  • Full Time – 40/50 hours weekly
  • Part Time – 20/30 hours weekly

Live-in workers are the heart and soul of the Catholic Worker movement and Su Casa’s mission. These individuals pledge 6 months or more of their time to living at Su Casa and providing consistent volunteer work. Live-in workers can choose to be full-time or part time community members,depending on desires and schedule flexibility.  House teams are established within the Su Casa community to manage specific tasks and roles. These tasks include the soup kitchen, daily chores, administrative responsibilities, food coordination, case management, children’s activities, homework help for adults and children, and much more!

Full time (40/50 hours) community members receive a stipend of $100 per month and room and board, and contribute 40-50 hours per week. Full timers partake in community activities, often participate within 2 teams and are the foundation of our community!

Part Time (30 hours) community members contribute $100 per month and at least 30 hours of work per week, and receive room and board. These volunteers participate in community activities and must be involved with one team.

Part Time (20 hours) community members contribute $200 per month and at least 20 hours per week, and receive room and board. They participate in community activities as often as able.

We are taking applications for live-in workers NOW!

If interested click here to download and fill out the Live-In Full/Part Time Forms:

  • Live-In Volunteer Application
  • Skills and interests inventory

Send to email:

Telephone: 773-376-9263

Individual Volunteers

Are you looking to find a meaningful way to contribute your skills? Volunteer at Su Casa!

Part time volunteers pledge to give of their time in a way that uses their natural abilities and interests while fitting in with their current schedules.

There are many options available that can fit your schedule, on a one-time basis or on-going, once a week or once a month.

Here are examples of the types of activities our current and former volunteers have offered:

  • Serving meals at Frieda’s Place on Wednesday or Friday mornings between 8 and 11
  • Providing homework help to Su Casa kids after school from 4 to 6 or 7 to 8:30
  • Leading a meditation class for parents
  • Going on our Sunday food run to Trader Joe’s and help sort and distribute food
  • Teaching Spanish to our live-in volunteers
  • Tackling a cleaning and organizing project in our donation rooms, food pantry, or yards
  • Providing repair services such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work
  • Cooking a dinner on Monday thru Friday, or preparing a special meal on the weekends
  • Leading a crafts project
  • House managing a shift (after training)
  • Administrative support, such as data entry, web site management, fundraising

We are blessed to have part-time volunteers from all over the Chicago-land area.  Please fill out the part time volunteer application at this link if you’re interested!

 Click here to fill out the individual volunteer form

Plunge Groups

Experience a day (or week!) in the life of a Catholic Worker!

We welcome groups of all types and affiliations to take the plunge: a few hours or an extended stay at Su Casa!  High school and College students are popular examples of past groups, including students from Mary Seat of Wisdom Parish, Cristo Rey High School, the University of Chicago, Gettysburg College, Creighton University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Local businesses such as CIT and Private Bank have also recently spent time with us.
Groups ranging in size from 5 to 50 have joined us for a few hours at Su Casa to take on a variety of projects and learn more about our work with social justice.  High school and college groups, families, and church youth and adult groups are all welcome to spend a few hours or more at Su Casa.
Group projects depend upon the number of volunteers and the season.  Opportunities include:

  • Gardening and yard maintenance
  • Cleaning and organizing our donation rooms
  • Special maintenance projects ranging from window-washing to painting
  • Organizing a special event for our families

Three to Seven Day Plunges
A plunge into our Community is often a jarring change from the comfortable situations of many of our volunteers, which is exactly the point! Each group is invited to stay on the premises and receives a detailed tour and talk about the history of Su Casa and its mission. While staying with us, groups are invited into the full Su Casa experience, including following house rules and partaking in vibrant family dinners. Additionally, we seek to educate interested groups on non-violent living, poverty, and the Catholic Worker Movement.

Ultimately, a plunge serves to be a first step toward understanding the plight of the poor and marginalized. We don’t produce experts in poverty overnight, just as we don’t consider ourselves experts on the matter!

For all Plunge Groups, there is a per diem fee. 

If interested please contact us:

Telephone: 773-376-9263

Board of Directors

As a 501c3, Su Casa maintains and active and engaged board of individuals who are passionate about the Catholic Worker movement and the unique work of Su Casa within this context. Board members share their experience and expertise, and focus on governance, mission and fundraising. 

If you are interested in serving on our board of directors, please send a letter directed to the board chair that expresses the reason for your interest and the experience and resources you bring to the organization. Letters can be sent to