The Su Casa Community needs your help! We rely heavily on outside donations and volunteers to keep our house running smoothly.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to us, we greatly appreciate it! You can do so by sending a check to Su Casa or clicking on the PayPal button below to donate online.

For one-time donations, click here and direct the donation to

To make automatic monthly donations:

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Su Casa Donation Requests

Su Casa and Frieda’s Place rely heavily on donations of goods or money from individuals, churches and volunteer groups.  We ask each volunteer group that visits us to take up a collection for us at their school, church, or place of business.

Donations of goods and food help us keep our operating budget very low.  Here are examples of things we always need at Su Casa or Frieda’s Place:

Money helps us keep our lights on and our doors open. Here are some ways your money helps:

  • $28 pays for a weekly bus pass for a mom to get to school
  • $100 pays the monthly stipend for a full time volunteer
  • $330 provides comprehensive case management services to one family for a month
  • $1,000 pays for Su Casa’s monthly heating bill on the budget plan

Paper products:  towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, hot cups, and bowls

Cleaning supplies: cleanser, tile floor cleaner, wood floor and furniture cleaners, dish detergent, sponges, scrubbers, rubber gloves, toilet cleaner, bleach

Laundry supplies: High efficiency laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softeners

Personal hygiene:  pump hand soap, shampoo and conditioner for Latino and African American hair; toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, sanitary pads and tampons, body wash, lotion for dry skin, nail clippers and emery boards, deodorant

Health care items: Infant, children’s, and adult’s pain and fever medicine; daily vitamins; thermometers, heating pads, sunscreen, anti-diarrheal and laxatives, antacids, cold medicine

Special clothing needs: new underwear and new socks of all sizes, gift cards for shoe stores and department stores

Office supplies: pens, copy and print paper, tape, notebooks, legal pads, post it notes

Bus passes and gas cards