Call for Community

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For 25 years years, Su Casa Catholic Worker on the south side of Chicago has carried out the vision of Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker movement by providing shelter and community for Spanish-speaking families, offering hot meals and food to neighbors, and crying out for justice in a broken world.

With a complete turnover of leadership, Su Casa has recently begun a new chapter. Nine of the 11 new members of Su Casa’s governing board are current or former members of Catholic Worker communities. We possess a deep love of Su Casa, an first-hand knowledge of its work and life, and and a commitment to the values and vision of the Catholic Worker movement.

Community and ministry continue at Su Casa, workers and families share life together, and hot meals are prepared for our neighbors. But there is a need to expand the worker community– both for the practical reasons of carrying out the work and to continue forming a mutually supportive, intentional community. Su Casa seeks long-term community members who are ready to enter into the rich tradition of Su Casa and to forge the future of Su Casa’s identity and mission.

We invite prospective community members to “come and see!” Individuals committed to sheltering the homeless and feeding the hungry in the context of intentional community and solidarity with the marginalized are encouraged to contact Lori Ramos at to begin dialogue.